About Me

I believe that my work is unique and exclusive to my creative mind. As I do look to other photographers for guidance, my authentic inspiration comes from the world around me and within. I love bringing to life the weird little ideas I have at 2am, when my clients trust me and give creative control, and just being able to create something that people haven’t seen before.

Hey guys! My name is Emily, or "blondie," "Em," and "hey you!" -- I respond to the latter. I'm a Southern California resident but live in Idaho for half of the year as I'm working on my degree in Interdisciplinary Studies. Travel is ultimately where photography came into my life in 2016; so please, drag me wherever you'd like me and I'll be as happy as a clam at high tide!!

What makes up Emily?I'm in love with... warm pastries and vanilla tea

My happy place would be... on an secluded beach at sundown

I'd love to travel to... Prague, Czech Republic

My favorite pastime... snuggling my 3 cats & puppy

I'm inspired by... shadows, movement, and quiet moments

The way to my heart is... through baby animal videos


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Places Traveled to:



The Cayman Islands



21 States (mainly West Coast and Central U.S.)